What is HeardSpace?

At Heard we design games to provoke community conversations, collaboration and change.




Our Mission.

HeardSpace is an innovative urban focused design studio. We design digital games to engage  communities in development conversations. At Heard, we realise that not all community problems can be solved through construction projects. Our games facilitate community conversations when projects are in their infancy - allowing communities to explore community problems, ideas, perspectives and futures. The core of our work centres on the interrelationship between game design, community engagement and advocacy.


Game Platform Design

At our core, we at Heard are urban designers - but not in the traditional sense. We see the power that urban design and urban focused thinking can have to help scaffold conversations about our future. We also see the power that video games have in allowing people to experiment with those futures. It is our mission to fuse these areas through design.


Community Engagement

At Heard, we see ourselves not as central to the development process, but as connective tissue that helps facilitate conversations between different facets of distributed community networks. Our games are designed as tools to enable conversations, and to allow people to being to understand each others points of view regarding their collective future.


Urban Analysis

Analysis is critical to the Heard ecosystem. We believe that understanding context, people and systems, and the communication of this understanding and inclusion of stakeholders in the analysis process is a critical component of successful projects. Through our published collaborative research, social media and community presentations we share our research and theoretical knowledge and ideas for discussion and use by others. 


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